About Us

How It Was Created

Divothit™ was invented by myself, President and CEO, to satisfy the need for a consistent lie to practice golfing that was portable so I could carry it to the local park or range and also use it in my yard.

Even though the designated golfing area in the park was grass, it was long grass with hardpan dirt underneath and half my practice time was spent rolling the ball for a good lie.

As a low handicap, I needed to maximize the benefit of my practice time as I was able to practice 1-2 days per week, 1-2 hours per day.



Even though I played only 6 to 8 rounds per year my goal was to shoot in the 70's consistently when I did play. However, I found when I practiced at the range off regular mats, my swing suffered and I did not hit the ball as consistently when I returned to natural grass. I would change my swing, decelerating on contact after hitting off the range mats, resulting in fat and weak shots on natural grass. I swore off range mats and only hit off natural grass areas, but most of the ranges' grass area were dirt.

Also, I wanted & needed to practice my short game at home, but I paid the price of a ruined lawn, so I minimized that practice time. I began to experiment with ideas. After some trial and error and numerous design changes, Divothit™ was created. It worked so well, I filed for and received a patent. Divothit™ company was formed.

I began to love to practice because I no longer felt like I had to compromise or sacrifice anything, DivotHit™ was like hitting off a fairway everytime. I gained confidence in my swing accelerating through the ball completely like the pro's; no more decelerating or fear at impact. However, fat hits resulted in fat shots. I gained distance and accuracy.

The results have been fantastic and I'm now around a 6 handicap and my new goal is an even par round. Our vision at Divothit™ is for every golfer to benefit as I did and carry a Divothit™ in their bag next to their golf glove and tees for the most realistic results. It's so smooth at impact, if you could close your eyes and hit you'ld swear your on a fairway.

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. We use only the best materials. Each Divothit™ mat is hand assembled and we maintain the lowest overhead to keep our costs down. You get the best price possible and it works great!

To date we have sold in almost all 50 states and over 15 countries including China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, India, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Ireland, England, South Africa, Germany and USA. Thank you for your support!